The HoopPath is about teaching hoop dance as a way of breaking out of the suffocating prison of self-consciousness. If you want to feel freer in your movement and if you are willing to get out of the box you’re in, my workshops and classes can help you. I teach hoop as a movement practice.

HoopPath 2016/2017 "Peace Dojo Tour: (so far)

Los Angeles/Anaheim, CA: 11/11-11/13/2016

Brooklyn, NY: 11/18-11/20 (Tickets on Sale!)

Cleveland, OH: 12/3-12/4/2016

Sarasota, FL: 12/9-12/11/2016

Indianapolis, IN: January (1/20-1/22/2017)

Boulder, CO: Feb 2/3/17-2/5/17

Calgary, AB, Canada: 3/3/2017-3/5/2017

Edmonton, AB: 3/10-3/12/2017

Calgary, AB: 3/17-3/19 (Black Belt/Master's Class)

Toronto: 4/21-4/23 Peace Dojo

Toronto: 4/28-4/30 (Master's Class)

Jonathan Baxter 2014