The latest tour is entitled, “Peace Dojo.” The “Peace Dojo" workshops are written to help hoopers, new and old, learn and develop the key foundational skills of the HoopPath Curriculum. The goal of every workshop is for students to come away with new techniques and new inspiration.

HoopPath 2016/2017 "Peace Dojo Tour: (so far)

Los Angeles/Anaheim, CA: 11/11-11/13/2016
Brooklyn, NY: 11/18-11/20 (Tickets on Sale!)
Cleveland, OH: 12/3-12/4/2016
Sarasota, FL: 12/9-12/11/2016
Indianapolis, IN: January (1/20-1/22/2017)
Boulder, CO: Feb 2/3/17-2/5/17
Calgary, AB, Canada: 3/3/2017-3/5/2017
Edmonton, AB: 3/10-3/12/2017
Calgary, AB: 3/17-3/19 (Black Belt/Master's Class)
Toronto: 4/21-4/23 Peace Dojo
Toronto: 4/28-4/30 (Master's Class)

Dates are being added rapidly. Looking to add Atlanta, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh, among others.

Jonathan Baxter 2014